Workshop: ENTANGLED STORIES OF LAW AND LITERATURE: A Hungarian-Romanian Conversation

Entangled Stories of Law and Literature: 

A Hungarian-Romanian Conversation


passcode: 778358

12 March 2021

Organized by:

Alexandra Mercescu (West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Law)


Balázs Fekete (ELTE Faculty of Law and Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest)

This workshop is dedicated to the promotion of regional law and literature initiatives. Since law and literature has grown into a more and more popular field of study in international legal scholarship, the time has come to discuss whether this type of investigations can have any relevance for our regional legal thinking. As the Central and Eastern European jurisprudence is dominated by a positivistic approach focusing decisively on the technical study of legal provisions, law and literature may help us gain a new perspective, one able to offer a better and more empathic understanding of various legal phenomena that have a serious impact on the regional, legal and other, development. Thus, the prospective aim of this workshop is to start such an academic cooperation that may pave the way for the publication of an edited volume in the future with a major publishing house.